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Andy Maly Vah Bojovnika K9

Stud Service
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Past Litters
Andy's Titles
Explaination of Titles
Therapy Dog
What is Schutzhund?

Family Videos

Andy & Devon playing ball

Devon singing to Andy

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Andy's "Anthology"

PSA Training

Muzzle (Maulkorb) training

Schutzhund Training/ Trial Video's

(Video below) Due to his bumping the sleeve and bothering the helper after outs, we are in the process of changing his guard from out stare to active so hopefully he will release his energy and aggression through barking instead of bumping. 

Andy SchH Movie Montage

HVPSC's Trial 5-13-07 **SchH3 OB Routine

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OB Heeling Clip 12/06

Tracking Clip 8-19-02

Bitework clip (1) 4-15-06

Bitework clip (2) 4-15-06

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Training and Trial Photo's

Photo's from HVPSC's Trial on 5-13-07

Photo's from Upper Bucks SchH Club's Trial on 4-28-07

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